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Suisse The meld of German and French cultures, along with the famed frosty terrain comprise the striking lands of Switzerland. Premiere ski resorts in Verbier, Zermatt, or Gstaad attract many wanting to be challenged, or simply to be seen. In Bern, another type of attraction, unique to the snowy capital city are the Bärengraben—bear pits which house the celebrated animals. If you desire the stir and hum of the Swiss cantons, take a photo of in front of the famous Clock Tower when in Bern, look to Zurich for the great nightlife, and visit Geneva for the Lake Geneva Parade or pose next to le Jet d’Eau. You cannot leave Switzerland without your fill of the world’s finest chocolates or coveted cheese. The Swiss take their cheeses seriously; Gruyère, Emmentaler, Appenzeller, and others make for a tasty pot of Fondue or scrumptious Raclette. Make sure you have your fill of the food and landscapes before you leave though, or you’ll have to make another trip back soon!

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