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Design boutique hotels in Colombia

Factory Inn

The Factory Inn Hotel is a hotel located in the heart of the industrial area in Bogota, Colombia. The Facotry Inn is the perfect place to stay for business travelers. The Factory Inn provides its guests with numerous amenities and services such as a shuttle service regardless of time to any of the 500 offices in the vicinity, a business center, a library and broadband internet through the hotel. The Factory Inn guarantees its guest will get plenty of rest and increase productivity.

Wellness Hotel

Located in the north of Bogota, Wellness Hotel offers the perfect atmosphere to relax. The rooms are inspired by the four traditional elements earth, water, fire and air - and a fifth one which is love. You will also find all room amenities to offer you a comfortable stay and a restaurant offering fresh cuisine to promote a healthy lifestyle habit.
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Colombia One of the most mega diverse nations in the world, Colombia is a country rich in culture, history and destinations. Having a very diverse ecosystem ranging from both the Caribbean and Pacific coastlines, to having parts of the Amazon Rainforest, Colombia is a country with many worlds. Bogotá is the capital of Colombia with a population of around 7 million inhabitants. Other major cities in Colombia are Medellín, Cali Barranquilla and Cartagena. Colombian culture is a rich blend of many ethnicities and influences. Colombia is most known for its coffee, the Cheese “Arepa” and the “Bandeja Paisa”, a typical dish of the mountainous region, and the musical styles of “Vallenato”, “Cumbia” and “Salsa”. Moreover, the natural regions of Colombia are divided into 6 different regions, the Andean, the Caribbean, the Pacific, the Orinoquía region along the Orinoco river basin, the Amazon region and the insular region that is composed of islands in both the Atlantic and Pacific oceans.

Cities in Colombia