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Avantgarde Hotels :

The company was established in 1996 under the name European Hotels Representation LLC, by the existing partners building on their extensive experience in sales and marketing, property management, international representation, and technology in the hotel industry. The company has successfully grown and evolved to launch a new concept and collection of hotels: Epoque Hotels in 2002.

In 2003 as a need to show our visitors the very contemporary, trend-setting & concept hotels was created Avantgarde Hotels: Inspiring Boutique Hotels.

The primary reason why EH decided to distinguish these modern boutique hotels from their other classic and luxury properties was to focus on their acclaimed concept: style, personality, and innovation. Avantgarde Hotels also present the coolest and most exciting designs, combining colors and shapes that appeal to customers with style and originality.

Since its inception in the market, this cool brand was embraced immediately by travelers looking for a unique and stylish experience. This resulted not only in a good source of business for the hotels included in the collection, but also established the brand in the sector. In order to build a firm ground to make Avantgarde stand out from its competition, the new brochure will transmit a vision of its own.

These trend-setting hotels can be viewed on the website: Among the re-known members in this unique collection it can be found the The Zetter Hotel in London, Hotel Josef in Prague, The Night Hotel in New York, Design Suites Buenos Aires, Les Suite Taipei, among others.

Welcome to a world where our design boutique hotels will (more than) exceed your expectations.

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Last Updated : April 20, 2014
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