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Below are some of the more frequently asked questions. If what you are looking for is not covered below, please send us an email or call us for further assistance:, telephones 305-538-9697, Toll Free 866-376-7831.

About Reservations :

How do I check on availability and rates?

First locate the country and city that you are travelling to.  Choose a hotel by clicking on the link provided. When the hotel loads up, you will enter your dates on the right hand side of the screen. Click on Book Now, choose the desired rate by clicking on Book Now and the availability, rates and room types will appear.

How do I make a special request for my reservation when I am ready to book?

If you need to make a special request that will be attached to your reservation, you can enter it in the comments section of the booking. This section will be found right after entering in your personal information. In this comments section, you may enter requests like:

  • an early check in,
  • Late check out
  • Bed type
  • Non-smoking room
  • and any other special needs that you might require.

What if there is no availability?

If there is no availability for the desired hotel, we invite you to check availability in one of our other hotels in the city you are travelling to.

What is a booking request?

If you are trying to make a booking and the system asks you to make a booking request, this means that you are requesting for the hotel to accept or decline whether or not they can accommodate you for the requested period/room type. This happens because the hotel may not have availability for the rooms selected, or it could be a very demanded period and the hotel wants to avoid getting overbooked. The hotel could be willing to accept your request because they might have freed up one room in their inventory for the dates requested. The request is sent directly to the hotel giving them 48 hrs to respond. If they do not respond within 48hrs from the time of the request then it is no longer a valid request and they were not able to accommodate you.
(There is a much higher success rate in getting requests answered and booked if you call our toll free Reservations/Customer Service line: 305-538-9697 ; Toll Free 866-376-7831).

How do I check on special promotions?

After clicking on the desired hotel, in the top left hand corner, you will see a link that says “Special Rates and Promotions.” Click on this link and it will display any special rates and packages that the hotel is offering.
(If you have any questions, feel free to call our Reservations/ Customer Service line: 305-538-9697; Toll Free 866-376-7831)

What is the difference between the Rack Rate, Best Rate and the different packages offered by the hotels?

The Rack Rate is the hotel’s public rate used for high seasons, special events, etc. The Best Rate is the lowest available rate the hotel can offer at the time.
If there is a special package available, you can click on “View terms and conditions” for details about the offer.

What if I know what city I will be travelling to but I am not sure which hotel to choose?

If you click on the city instead of on a particular hotel, you will see all the available hotels in that city. There will be a brief description of the hotel and its location. You can go through this list and if one of the hotels catches your eye, click on it for more information, rates and availability.

When I checked on availability and rates, the hotel listed “FROM 130 euros” but when I clicked on the link, it was a lot more expensive. Why is that?

When the hotel lists “FROM…” a certain price per room per night, this is reflecting the lowest rate during the lowest season of the year. This feature does not change or update throughout the high and low seasons as the real time rates do.   (If you have any questions, feel free to call our Reservations/ Customer Service line: 305-538-9697; Toll Free 866-376-7831)

Can I compare rates of different hotels in my desired city at the same time?

Yes, we do have a feature on our website that will allow you to compare rates of all the hotels in any of the cities that you choose. After clicking on the city, scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page, below the last hotel, you will find a link that says “Compare rates of these hotels.” Click on this link, enter your travel dates, and it will load the rates of every hotel in the requested city.

Can I see pictures of the hotels that I am interested in?

Yes, scroll down the page and click on the first picture to enlarge it. You then have the option to click the “NEXT >” or the “PREVIOUS<” links provided to view more pictures.

Can I see pictures of the rooms or a specific room type?

Yes, when choosing a room type, after you have selected your dates and you click on Book Now, you will see an orange link in the box that says “Info.” Click on this link to learn more about the dimensions and features of the room you are interested in. Note: not all the hotels have this feature.

Is there a Map I can view of the hotel’s location and how it relates to the city?

Yes, every one of our hotels has a feature on the main page of the hotel that will allow you to view the exact location of the property in relation to the city. To the right of the hotel’s main picture, you will see a link that says
“View location Map” Click on this link and a map of the city will pop up with a flag pin pointing the hotels location. If you click and drag the map using your mouse, you can view other parts of the city as well.

Where would I go to find general information about the hotel such as: Amenities, room features, Wifi, taxes, etc?

On the hotel’s main page, you will find a link in orange that says
“More info about the hotel” Click on this link to find information about all of the above inquiries.

What if I booked a reservation and made mistakes on the dates or room types?

In case you made a mistake while making a reservation, please send us an email with your request or feel free to call us so that we may handle the situation with special care. You may reach us via email:
Or telephone: 305-538-9697; Toll Free 866-376-7831)

What if I want to change or modify my original reservation?

To change/add or drop dates on your original reservation made online, please send us an email with your request or feel free to call us so that we may handle the situation with special care. You may reach us via email:
Or telephone: 305-538-9697; Toll Free 866-376-7831)

How do I cancel my reservation?

To cancel your reservation you can go to our homepage, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on the link in the orange box that says “Cancel Reservation” You will then be asked to enter your reference # usually starting with a “J”. Click on the send button and your reservation will pull up. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and you will see a box that says “Cancellation Details”. In this box you will be able to view whether or not you will be charged a cancellation fee at this time to cancel the reservation. If you are ready to cancel, click on the link that says “Cancel this Reservation”. You will then have a cancellation receipt or confirmation appear on your screen. Write this # down, print the page out or save it in your computer for your records.
(If you need further assistance, feel free to send an email or call our Reservations/Customer service online. Or telephone: 305-538-9697; Toll Free 866-376-7831)

What do I do if I cannot find a record of my reservation?

Call or email our Reservations/Customer service department and we will resend your confirmation to you by fax or email. You may reach us via email:
Or telephone: 305-538-9697; Toll Free 866-376-7831)

What if I need 4 rooms and there are only 2 rooms available?

In this case, you would need to either send and email or call our Reservations/Customer Service Department for special handling. You may reach us via email:
Or telephone: 305-538-9697; Toll Free 866-376-7831)

How do I make a booking for groups and meetings?

We do have a special department that deals with groups and meetings. When you click on the desired hotel, you will see in the middle of the page a link that says “Group Reservations”. Click on this link and fill out the required information. You will get an email sent to you shortly either with an offer or stating that the hotel is not able to accommodate your request. (In most cases, groups are considered 10 rooms or more and obtain a discount on regular rates.)

Travel Agents/Meeting and Tour Planners :

Do Travel Agents get commissions through Epoque Hotels?

Epoque Hotels is dedicated in trying to improve relationships with travel agencies around the world while making our service accessible and user friendly. By contract the hotels must pay travel agents the commissions for bookings made through us. The commission percentages of course vary from hotel to hotel.

What do I need to do as an agent to receive my commissions?

As we do not own nor manage the hotels, we ask you to invoice each hotel for the bookings you make, by regular mail or by email. You should include the following information:

  • Travel Agent’s name
  • Phone number
  • Email address
  • IATA number
  • Address
  • Booking Reference #
  • Clients Name
  • Dates of arrival/departure
  • room type and rate

Each individual hotel pays different commissions. Some hotels might take a longer time to honour the dues than others. Some might pay by check and some by bank transfer. We deeply appreciate your business and will do everything in our power to assist you in the collection of your commissions. We do ask however, that you allow a standard 90 days time for the hotel to pay the commission after your client has checked out and you have invoiced the hotel. If after the 90-day period you have not received your due commissions and/or you are not getting a response, we will be more than happy to assist you in your collection.

Can I register my information and IATA number on your website?

Yes, we have a new system on our website that allows you to register your name, company and IATA Number. You will choose a password along with your IATA number and this will allow you to book online, keep track of all the bookings made through Epoque Hotels and your commissions. If you want to register more than one name under your IATA number, just use your initials after the IATA number so you will know who made the booking.
Please go to the link provided below and register so that you can begin to take advantage of this wonderful new system we created for you.

Is it possible to prepay for a booking before my client arrives?

Yes, it is possible to prepay. You will need to contact our reservations/customer service department and request either the hotels bank information for transfer or a credit card authorization form. You may reach us via email:
Or telephone: 305-538-9697; Toll Free 866-376-7831)

Does Epoque Hotels have a GDS code?

Yes, we do. Our Epoque Hotels GDS code is EP.

Newsletter :

What can I find in the Epoque Hotels Newsletter?

Every 15 days we send our newsletter with promotions, specials and news related to Epoque Hotels and its member hotels.

How can I subscribe to the newsletter?

Click in the “Subscribe to the Newsletter” button that you can find in almost every page of our website, and type your name and email. After you click on send, you will receive an email asking you to re-confirm your email address. We do this for security purposes and to avoid sending unsolicited email.

I am already subscribed, how can I unsubscribe?

The best and fastest way to unsubscribe is to click on the unsubscribe link provided at the bottom of the newsletter. This method is fast and reliable. The other option is to send us an email directly.

I have questions regarding the packages or the newsletter, who should I contact?

If you have any question regarding the promotions, or any comment related to the newsletter, please send us an email to Please refrain from replying directly to the  newsletter e-mail. Any email sent to will not be answered.

Is the newsletter database secure and confidential?

Our bimonthly Newsletter is double opt-in and will be received by E-mail subscription and confirmation. The information collected will be strictly used to add the subscriber to our newsletter contact list. Subscribers will not be contacted for any other purposes. We do not lend or sell our newsletter subscription list to anyone, for any reason.

What are the hotels of the month, destination of the month and which criteria do you use to select it?

What are the recommended promotions?

These are specials and discounted rates our hotels are running at the moment the newsletter was sent.

What are the new hotels?

These are the properties that have been added in the past few months and are ready to be booked.

Media Relations :

How do I contact the Public Relations Department?

Accredited members of the press may reach our PR Department by following this link: and, after clicking on the button “Click here to contact Public Relations Dept.” filling all fields in the pop up form. The request will be forwarded immediately to our PR Department and will be attended to as soon as possible.

How do can I request High Resolution images and/or a Press Kit of your hotels?

Accredited members of the press may request High Resolution images of our properties by following this link: and, after clicking on the button “Click here to contact Public Relations Dept.” filling all fields in the pop up form. The request will be forwarded immediately to our PR Department and will be attended to as soon as possible. Please note that that by using this resource for publication, Epoque Hotels ( should be properly credited for any of our hotels.

Job openings and Internships at Epoque Hotels :

I am interested in working at Epoque Hotels, where do I find more information regarding Job Openings and Work Opportunities?

If you are interested in working with us, please check the Job’s Section: for more information or send us your resume to

How long are the internships at Epoque Hotels?

We normally accept interns from all over the world for periods of no less than 4 months.

Membership – Clients :

I want to become an Epoque Hotels member, what should I do?

Currently we do not have a loyalty program but we are in the process of developing one. If you are interested in that, please add your email to our newsletter database because we are going to announce it through there.

Membership – Hotels :

I want to include my hotel in your collection, what should I do?

We are always open to new member hotels for our Epoque, Avantgarde & Arc Hotels collection ( If you think that your property fits any of the three profiles, please click here and fill out the form. A representative will contact you soon afterwards.

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Last Updated : April 16, 2014