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Garlanded by the Amazon and other copious forests of the continent and bordered with one of the liveliest coasts in the western hemisphere, Brazil maintains the status as the fifth largest country in the world, as well as the largest and most diverse in population, geography, and culture in South America. The most metropolitan areas include the Marvelous city, Rio de Janeiro, an urban populous city is encompassed by the Tijuca forest, with beaches and resort towns, like lavish Buzios, decked out with renowned sculptures and beautiful tourists. The population in São Paulo, though contests Rio’s by almost double with 11 million. A melting pot in so many degrees, the city is predominately constituted of Italians, houses a large community of Portuguese, African and indigenous descendants, also the largest population of Japanese in the world other than Japan, providing for an extensive culinary experience. If you do not fancy the hustle and bustle of these cities however, the less busy cities like the historic northeastern Salvador, and rock music hot-spot Goiânia. The incomparable annual festival, Carnival, is an attraction that is anticipated by both Brazilians and jet-setters. Never-ending parades and revelries due to the endless supply of caipirinha and grilled churrasco and on the streets led by the elected Rei Momo, the fat man who represents the ‘King of Carnival,’ heads a vast number of extravagantly ornate, towering and provocative circus characters, who parade or represent respecting Samba schools during the two weeks proceeding the Christian Lenten period. What's more recurrent, yet just as famed, are the country’s soccer teams and games. Ronaldinho, Pelé, Ronaldo, Cafú are first names or nicknames -a unique characteristic to the country’s fútbol team- imprinted on any jersey-backed child, adult, elderly and tourist.

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South America
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Design Hotels Rio de Janeiro Rio de Janeiro :

Hotel Santa Teresa, Rio de Janeiro

Hotel Santa Teresa

The Boutique Hotel SPA Santa Teresa, our old colonial fazenda luxury restored during the last 4 years, is located in the very cultural and historical heart of Rio de Janeiro, with a fantastic panoramic view of the City, the Bay of Rio, and the tropical mountains of the imperial city of Petropolis.

Marina All Suites Hotel, Rio de Janeiro

Marina All Suites Hotel

Luxury hotel in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Top contemporary designers beautifully decorated it. Our unique hotel that attracts acclaimed guests of the world of music and cinema. Located in front of the beach of Leblon, Ipanema.

Marina Palace Hotel, Rio de Janeiro

Marina Palace Hotel

Boutique hotel in Rio de Janeiro, bright and beautifully decorated, the Marina Palace is located in front of the beach of Leblon, Ipanema. Our hotel is a choice for both business and leisure travellers.

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Last Updated : April 23, 2014
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