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The city of Suzhou lies in the center of the Yangtze Delta, in the south of the Jiangsu Province. 42% of the city’s territory is covered by water - ponds and streams - for this reason Suzhou is often described as the 'Oriental Venice'. Suzhou is also praised as 'paradise on earth' thanks to its mild climate, fertile landscape and abundance of produce. Built in 514 BC, Suzhou is a city with a unique history of two and a half thousand years. The distinctive characteristics of the past are still preserved intact. Strolling the streets, you will feel the unique charm of the heritage left by its long past. Since Suzhou's foundation, lively downtown Guan Qian Street has thrived at its centre. Today, its tiny teahouses and bustling businesses make it the perfect people-watching spot in the heart of the old town. Suzhou boasts more than 60 gardens and many of them are listed in the World Heritage List. Its gardens attain their high status for their charming natural beauty and harmonious construction. A number of traditional Ming and Qing dynasty buildings can be found. Suzhou plays a central role in Chinese cultural history, being the cradle of Wu Culture. Many great names and schools of art arose here. Visitors should not forget to taste local delicacies, authentic Suzhou cuisines and snacks can be found in Guan Qian Street, where delicious traditional food and warm and welcoming service will make any visit unforgettable.



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